…goes to Harris Teeter

Check out my savings today at Harris Teeter. I took home $36.59 worth of groceries for only $4.86 for total savings of 87%. Admittedly not the healthiest of food choices but the Yakisoba dishes are great on nights when hubby is left to fend for himself.


…Provides food for her household (v.15)

Today, I have a secret confession. Well not so secret anymore. I am a couponer. It started as a curiosity and has blossomed into a favorite hobby. I spent hours each week matching up coupons to store ads using blogs like SouthernSavers and FabulesslyFrugal. I have two newspaper subscriptions to the Washington Post and I pick up two more each Sunday. I shop at Harris Teeter and get super stoked when it’s TRIPLE COUPON WEEK. I have saved so much money in our grocery budget and have taught myself how to cook from my stockpile too. I am not perfect or even great at it but I definitely put in an EXCELLENT effort and will share some of my savings later this week.

I work hard to spread every dollar in our budget as far as it can go and coupons does the trick. The best part is that I enjoy it so much so it never feels like a sacrifice.

“She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.” -Proverbs 31:15

Side Note: I DO need to work on the, “she rises while it is yet night” part of this verse. Getting up early is something I have to work toward and be intentional with because it does NOT come naturally or easy.