I’m Moving!

Hello Blogland!

Today is an exciting day! I have been blogging here for over a year (not very consistently) and I have been wanting to take this a little more seriously so I have been researching like crazy and have finally purchased a domain name and have moved all my content over to the new WordPress.org location. So this will be my last post at ryanswife20.wordpress.com and I will continue blogging but from my new spot.

So if you have liked what you’ve read and experienced here at Earning an MRS degree, I really hope you’ll follow the link below to my new address.

And THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to all of you that have already followed this blog and visit here regularly. There are not many of you yet but I appreciate you all.

Happy Moving Day!

NEW BLOG: Earning my MRS degree

NEW DOMAIN: mymrsdegree.com

Love, Steph


Tuesday Creativity

So I’m going to brag for a minute and tell you that I come from a family of super creative and uber talented people. My older sister is one of the very best [[now retired]] wedding photographers that I have ever seen. Yes, of course I am biased. But seriously….go check out her work at Brandy and Beau Photography. Brandy was the Matron of Honor in my wedding and also shot our engagement photos, bridal portraits, and oversaw our wedding day photo shenanigans as well. However, I mentioned above that she recently has retired and moved on to a new adventure. And [[this is where I got sooooo blessed]] when she closed down her studio, she gifted Ryan and I with a gorgeous canvas of our wedding day. It was so pretty, I couldn’t just hang it. I had to paint my living room first, then collect some other art/pictures from around my home to accent it. This is what I came up with. I’m in love. I’m so proud to be featuring such a gorgeous photo in my living room. And I feel even more blessed that we are in it. I don’t mean to sound vain, but I’m obsessed with her work and creativity in photography. She found this sweet little corner of the garden we were married in where there was a mini forest of bamboo shoots that created such a beautiful canvas. I feel so blessed. Enough words. Check it out.