Breakfast Fail

I like to dabble in lots of things. I enjoy crafting, decorating, organizing, baking, couponing, playing sports with my man, and since I’ve been married I have desperately been trying to dabble in cooking. Some days it’s great and others…eh…not so much. I have learned so far that cooking doesn’t come naturally for me and I must plan ahead for things to work well in the kitchen. Now over the last 2 years of marriage, I have succeeded on several occasions to prepare a noteworthy meal. And then, God chooses to teach me humility. One time I somehow put 2 cups of sugar and butter into white rice and served it with dinner. I also tried to make calzones once, and used twice as mush dough as I should have and ended up with a meal served 2 hours late and still raw. I have other stories, but I’ll spare you.

This week I tried to make a simple Avocado Bacon and Eggs breakfast dish I had pinned here. Below is the pretty picture from the recipe and my sad attempt.



I’m very confident that this disaster was my own fault for not following the directions close enough. I am also here to admit that I failed at this breakfast attempt. I sure hope you appreciate my honesty. Ryan and I got a good laugh about this before I scratched it and made just bacon and eggs. If you attempt this one, I recommend carving a good amount of the avocado out of the shell BEFORE cracking an egg in it. 🙂

Happy cooking.

Love, Steph