Fendi cuffs

20120827-114112.jpgThis picture really says 1000 words. This was a simple project. I had an old/outdated/semi-broken/authentic Fendi purse that had been hanging in my closet for so long it was covered in dust when I started this project. I knew that I didn’t want to just give this bag away, since it was an authentic one, and I loved the fabric. So I cut it all up into thin strips and created one cuff above and then used the buckle to make a second cuff. Love them

*UPDATE: I wear the fabric wrapped cuff often and get so many compliments, however, the second one is too top heavy so it has fallen off a few times and when I wear it, it always hangs backwards due to its weight. So I am still working on how to update the second so I love that one as well.


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